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Silk Bedding Direct

Fantastic luxury silk duvets, pillows and mattress toppers with 100% natural and hypoallergenic long-strand mulberry silk interiors. The very best silk, many products hand-finished, committed to total luxurious quality. Fantastic silk bedding sets available.

Silk Bedding Direct operates at the high luxury end of the mulberry silk-filled bedding market and is is now widely considered to provide the most luxurious and well-made mulberry silk-filled bedding available today.

Providing absolutely the best of the best when it comes to luxury mulberry silk-filled duvets. You will not be disappointed! Regular sales offerings, check website for details.
(UK£) 8.00%
Bonus 2Tier
% Per SaleUK£2.66 45 Days
(Repeat Commission)
99.48% View Impression-Click Thru % Chart
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Wanderess Beauty We know first hand how it feels when you have the desire to do right by your body, your health and the planet, but the thought of switching to new green brands and products can be completely overwhelming, confusing, time consuming, not to mention expensive. That is why we’re here!
We are the easy and stress-free way to switch to natural, cruelty & toxin-free beauty. You can detox your beauty cabinet with our Wanderess Beauty Discovery Box. The world’s first comparison green beauty box.
It is a step-by-step subscription journey that makes your switch to green beauty enjoyable and convenient.
Every month a box containing 100% natural, non-toxic and ethical, beauty, grooming and wellness products is delivered to your door. Subscribers also get access to exclusive videos, discount codes, event tickets and Facebook group.
Boxes can be purchased as 1) Subscription - $49 a month, billed monthly 2) Just one box at a time - $49 3) Gift - 1 month, 3 month, 6 months
(AU$) 10.00%
% Per Sale  90 Days
(Repeat Commission)
9.09% View Impression-Click Thru % Chart
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Mexitan Products

Mexitan and Tropical Sands suncare products include all natural and biodegradable sunscreen, tanning oil, and moisturizer, with the added protection of green tea. All Tropical Sands sunscreens are eco-friendly, non-allergenic, and chemical-free, even safe for kids. Skedattle mosquito repellent is deet-free and works great too! Free shipping on all USA orders over $75! (US$) 12.00%
% Per SaleUS$7.10 45 Days
(Repeat Commission)
4.30% View Impression-Click Thru % Chart
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Sweet Cures - Your Health Naturally

Sweet Cures’ name and logo has long stood for excellence, both in quality and service. Its products are sold and trusted in countless countries throughout the world.

Sweet Cures’ products offer safe, genuinely life enhancing supplements for a wide range of conditions and we have now have a brand new set of beautifully designed “product specific” banners available for our affiliates. These new banners will complement any health related site, as well as the more niche and targeted sites. Our research based information online is continually updated.

Superb ratings in Reevoo (on our sites), allow customers to read through hundreds of independent reviews, whilst a new, fast loading and responsive website with a site wide currency conversion system for foreign transactions makes ordering even easier than before.

Offline, Sweet Cures’ signature product Waterfall D-Mannose® recently won True Health’s product of the year award and Cam's best alternative product of 2016.
(UK£) 15.00%
% Per SaleUK£60.95 45 Days 72.43% View Impression-Click Thru % Chart
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Quicklens Australia Contact Lenses Quicklens Australia is "the" contact lenses online store for daily, weekly, monthly, toric and coloured lenses in Australia. All lenses offered on our website are manufactured by renowned manufacturers and are similar to lenses regular optometrists offer. With great quality, lowest prices and excellent customer service, Quicklens is the number 1 choice for contact lenses. (AU$) 5.00%
% Per SaleAU$25.76 45 Days
(Repeat Commission)
86.23% View Impression-Click Thru % Chart
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Body Balanced Remedies Homeopathic remedies can assist people who want to work on their emotional, mental and spiritual growth. Body Balanced Remedies can help people who strive to achieve a more positive mindset and a feeling of well being. Negative moods, thoughts, and actions can bring about imbalances.

So, let’s get balanced, with Body Balanced Remedies!
(US$) 5.00%
% Per Sale  60 Days
(Repeat Commission)
87.50% View Impression-Click Thru % Chart
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Resilience Agenda Resilience Agenda’s vision is to see people think of Mental Fitness like they do Physical Fitness by designing stationery and gift items that ‘nudge’ people toward better Mental Health.
(AU$) 15.00%
% Per Sale  90 Days
(Repeat Commission)
66.67% View Impression-Click Thru % Chart
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Migraine Stop Marketing and sales of a natural supplement, containing vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, for prevention of Migraine Headache and Muscle cramps. AU$0.75
Per Click  N/A
(Repeat Commission)
  View Impression-Click Thru % Chart
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MyScaryEyes We sell all types of fashion contact lenses. From White out contacts, red contacts to Zombie contact lenses for Halloween.

If you have a costume for a party, finish it off with the perfect set of fashion eye accessories. So much choice, the question is what pair to try first!
(US$) 20.00%
% Per SaleUS$76.51 45 Days
(Repeat Commission)
90.72% View Impression-Click Thru % Chart
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Lash'd Up We are a US-based online store. We are selling our first Magnetic Eyelashes. Launching our second lashes. Our lashes are special because we are built on fan feedback and have designed our magnet lashes to resolve issues other magnet lashes have been plagued with. Customers have loved the quality of our lashes. (US$) 11.50%
% Per SaleUS$8.24 90 Days
(Repeat Commission)
100.00% View Impression-Click Thru % Chart

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