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Merchant Program: Fix Low Back Pain With Nubax Trio  View More Information About The Program
Description: Nubax Trio is a clinically trialed medical device designed to relieve back pain. - Only takes 3 minutes 2 to 3 times a day! - Nubax Trio is clinically trialed. - NO hanging upside down. - Nubax Trio can be used anywhere, anytime. - Users of the Nubax can safely remove themselves at anytime while using the unit. - The Nubax is far superior in regards to user comfort. - Portable, compact and easy to store. - There is no pressure placed on ankles. - The Nubax holds the spine in a completely neutral position. - The shoulders and the hips are held square to the spine so that the traction is safely applied without the risk of additional injury. www.fixlowbackpain.com

Welcome to the Nubax Affiliate program where you can start making money from your customers who buy the Nubax Trio. A revolutionary device helping thousands upon thousands of people end back pain for good.

Anyone that clicks through will be tracked to your account, and anyone that buys will earn you commission of 12% of the product.

We look forward to helping you make money from our affiliate program and if you have any questions at any time please contact me at ralph@nubax.com.au

Yours sincerely

Nubax Ltd


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