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Description: We are an online retailer of bathroom fixtures and fittings and offer products to the whole of the UK. Our main specialism is shower enclosures, cubicles and doors but we also offer the full range of bathroom products, suites, radiators, mirrors, vanity furniture, showers and taps. We offer products from reputable brands including Hudson Reed, Phoenix, HSK, Merlyn and only brands where genuine guarantees exist and are honoured. By offering products at a fair price with good customer service we have created a sustainable business whereby we will still be around should a customer have a guarantee claim.

Hello and thanks for considering Shower Enclosures UK Ltd a successful online bathroom company. We are a dedicated team with big plans to expand further. We offer you a sustainable commision that can increase as our sales do. Many of our products are high-value goods where large commissions can be earned. We have an average basket price of £329.00 but with a significant number of sales achieving over the £1000 mark.

If we know the customer is happy with products through a review or direct contact then commissions will be approved earlier. Sales are also followed up with email marketing on a monthly basis so there is a good chance of repeat commissions with our 90 day cookie policy for affiliates. Join today.

We are particularly looking for affiliates whom have a reach into the home & garden or shopping related sectors. Gambling or pornographic based websites will be dissaproved. We look forward to working with you.
Many Thanks

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