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Description: We are the leading ecommerce site for retailing electric generators, power equipment and camping accessories in Australia. We have a range of 300 different generators ranging in price from $100 to $300,000. Our average sale price is $1,800. Our product range covers the following applications: Recreational, Domestic/Emergency Back up, Trade, Commercial/Industrial.

Welcome to the MY GENERATOR affiliate program.

We are in the business of retailing electric generators, pressure washers, water pumps, outdoor power equipment, caravan and camping accessories to the Australian market.

Categories/Niches are as follows:

Recreational: camping, caravanning, motorhomes, 4x4 enthusiasts, boating.

Domestic/Emergency Back Up: portable power requirements for emergency back-up power in the event of a power outage. Typically storm/weather related.

Portable Trade Generators: portable power supply for construction sites/trade applications. This is our largest, most comprehensive range of generators.

Auto-Start Generators: Generators designed for automatic back up to restore power to the whole home in the event of a blackout. Also very popular to provide automatic back up to Solar powered homes.

Stationary Generators: Generators for the Mining Industry and larger Commercial standby/prime power requirements.

Water Pumps: http://www.mygenerator.com.au/water-pumps.html

Pressure Washers: http://www.mygenerator.com.au/pressure-washers.html

Outdoor Power Equipment: http://www.mygenerator.com.au/outdoor-power-equipment.html

Caravan & Camping: http://www.mygenerator.com.au/caravan-and-camping.html

Portable Fridges: http://www.mygenerator.com.au/portable-fridge-freezers.html

Upright Fridges: http://www.mygenerator.com.au/upright-fridges.html

Ice Boxes: http://www.mygenerator.com.au/ice-boxes.html

Solar Panels: http://www.mygenerator.com.au/portable-solar-panels.html

Batteries & Chargers: http://www.mygenerator.com.au/batteries-and-chargers.html

Power Inverters: http://www.mygenerator.com.au/power-inverters.html

Caravan Accessories: http://www.mygenerator.com.au/camping-and-caravan-accessories.html


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